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Welcome to the NVRoads Data Exchange Site

The NVRoads system is a distribution point for roadway data for the state. It consists of several major avenues for publishing information, including the [web site], the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system (511), and the Data Exchange. The latter provides access to selected elements of the raw data used by the web and IVR, and is intended for third parties to (programmatically) access data to support other means of access.

It should be understood that the Data Exchange is not intended for use directly by the public, but is a Application Programming Interface that will be used by software and system developers to gather data for the systems that they are designing.

To gain further access to the documentation you must register as a user of the site, confirm your email address, and the account must be activated by us. After these steps are completed, you will be able to read the remainder of the documentation here.